Do you hate forwarded messages, spam on WhatsApp? This new feature will give you a big relief..

WhatsApp is a messaging app that can be seen on almost every smartphone in the world. And, now, with the main aim to stop the mass spam messages, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is in works to develop a new feature in the upcoming update that will highlight a ‘forwarded message’ and will be able to distinguish between a regular message and a spam message. This will work if the spam message has been forwarded from any other group or taken from one of the members in a chat group.

WhatsApp watchdog,, who keeps a track on the latest and upcoming updates of the messaging app, posted about the feature in their blog post. As per, the feature can be seen in the WhatsApp Google Play Beta Programme, version 2.18.67. According to the blog, the new feature will show a small bubble and a string of “Forwarded Message” will appear under it which have been taken or forwarded from other chat. A message will be treated as a spam and will be highlighted under the bubble only when it has been shared a lot of times.

A usual spammer behaviour is that it sends the same message to many users at once, by selecting his/her contact list or from some registration service or straight from the internet. These messages are usually unwanted messages, fake news or some inappropriate links to dubious websites. As if now, on WhatsApp, you can send a message at least 25 times.

Other than the motive to combat the spam messages, WhatsApp is working towards to add the feature to add stickers to other chats. Both these features will be available sometime in future. As there has not been any strict timeline that has been provided by the messaging app.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp launched a great new feature that will come in handy for a lot of people. WhatsApp came up with the Payments feature which aims to payments to other users easy and convenient.


Source by financialexpress..